Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grass is Greener Syndrome

I was inspired today by looking at someone's blog whose life has always seemed so easy to me. Everything has worked out exactly how it's "supposed" to. She met the love of her life in high school, they got married, got degrees, started their dream careers, bought a house, and now they are having a baby. My life has not been that smooth. There have been twists and turns, fights and lost friends, bad decisions and their consequences.

Looking back, I realize that while all those things weren't necessary, I have grown and learned from them. I am the person that I am because I have allowed God to use those situations to make things better in my life. I have a perfect Heavenly Father, great friends, and a wonderful family. Even the less important things in my life have worked out surprisingly well.

Comparing and looking at the other side does not make things better. It just causes unnecessary stress and worry. As I sit here and write, I realize how great life is. Not only my life, but life in general. We are so blessed! We need to learn to stop wanting more, or what the other person has, and realize our blessings every day. We need to ask God to cure us of our chronic grass is greener syndrome.

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