Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I love Mommy Blogs

I don't know a better word for them. Blogs by mothers who love their kids, but more importantly love the Lord. They write about their lives from a place of Truth. Sharing their insecurities, failures, shortcomings, they inspire me. Women who I've never met. Will never know. Who don't know me.


They lead me. They help me in my journey to know my Father more deeply. They challenge me and love me and speak truth to me daily. They teach me how to bake and be a good girlfriend while I wait for the day that I will try to be a good wife. They teach me to be a good friend and daughter. They lead me on this journey of not knowing what I'm doing with my life. Where I'm going. How I'm getting there. They remind me that I can lean on my Lord and He is always faithful.

Oh, these women. These women who I follow on twitter. Whose blogs I read. Whose lives have been shared with me through the internet through a computer that God gave to me. I will use it for His glory. I will learn from women who are farther along in their walk than me. I will hold on to His promises and truths. I will be thankful for the women He has put in my life to help me do these things.

Here are a few:

Lara To Overflowing 
Stacey 29 lincolnavenue   


Lara G Williams said...

Girlfriend, I just love you and your walk with our God.

JaQuinn said...

Thank you, Lara! You inspire me! :-)